About Car Insurance NZ

About Car Insurance NZ

We have compiled a list of things to take into consideration when you start comparing Car Insurance NZ policies so that you can get the best possible deal to suit your requirements. It is also important to know that fully comprehensive insurance is not necessarily the most expensive option.

There are three different types of Car Insurance NZ:

Third party insurance

This option is the most basic car insurance option, providing cover in the event of damage to a third party vehicle. With third party insurance, you are not covered for damage to yourself or your vehicle.

Third-party, fire and theft Car Insurance NZ

The second best option is the third-party, fire and theft cover, which, over and above cover for third party damage, protects you in the event your car is stolen or damaged by fire. It will cover you for any injury, or even death caused to third parties, as well as possible legal costs incurred during an event like this. If you have a third party, fire and theft cover, you will be able to not only claim for damage or loss to your car, but also for your car audio system for instance (up to a certain amount). The fire cover applies to events where your car is completely burnt, but may also apply to other fire damage to your vehicle.

Fully comprehensive Car Insurance NZ

Fully comprehensive Car Insurance NZ Youi gives you the best possible protection for your vehicle. With this cover, not only third party damage, fire and theft are covered, but damage to your vehicle as well, whether the damage is incurred during a road accident or by natural causes. Should your vehicle be written off, your insurance company will pay out its replacement cost.

Compare fully comprehensive packages before you decide

Not only is it important to compare prices, but it is also a good idea to get a good understanding of what exactly is included in the standard policies so that you compare apples to apples. Things to check, for instance, are whether or not you are covered for windscreen damage, courtesy vehicles, legal costs, and roadside assistance or breakdown cover.

Re-evaluate your premiums and type of cover annually

When we decide to join a particular Car Insurance NZ , we often stay with them for years. It is important, however, to review your cover and premiums on a yearly basis. There is always a possibility that other insurance companies offer better deals. It is very easy to compare packages and prices online, and it can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Have your circumstances changed?

It is of vital importance to notify your Car Insurance NZ company of any changes in your circumstances. This can be a change of address, a change in your security such as additional alarm systems or more secure parking. You need to remember that insurance companies base their premiums on the risk percentage, and any changes that take place can influence this percentage, not only adversely, but in your favor as well. If you increase your security, for instance, you may get a better premium. If you do not update your particulars, you may risk invalidating your Car Insurance NZ policy, resulting in claims not being accepted.